Membership in UTNO is open to eligible employees of public schools, private schools, parochial schools, or education-related private/non-profit organizations in Orleans Parish. Persons who occupy the position of principal, assistant principals, central office administrators, or those who are engaged in the hiring or firing of employees shall not be eligible to hold membership in this organization. This Membership application is for those who wish to join UTNO and do not work in a school with a collective bargaining agreement. If you work at Morris Jeff Community School or Benjamin Franklin High School please talk to the union leaders in your school about joining your chapter of UTNO.
Please select your membership level below. You can choose to have dues deduction on the 2nd or the 16th of each month as noted on each option. You can choose either the regular membership without collective bargaining level of $39.40 for teachers/teacher types or $19.70 for paraprofessionals/clericals or you can choose the sustainer level ($47.49 for teacher/teacher types or $23.74 for paraprofessionals/clericals) to make a higher contribution to UTNO. Once you have made the selection of your membership level the amount will appear before you enter in your automatic payment details.
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